How do you price your house washes?
To be fair to all of our customers, we price all homes based on the square footage of the property.  This information is obtained from your county or city's property records.  Once we obtain this information, your base price is established.  We offer several discounts, deal, and specials thoughout our season that you can take advantage of.  We post coupons on our Facebook site regularly.  Pricing is different on townhomes and homes where customers do not need the entire all the sides of the home washed.  

Do you need to come to my home to do the estimate?
No.  Most normal house washes can be priced out by checking property records.  If you are requesting other surfaces to be cleaned, an on site estimate appointment may need to be made.  All of our estimates are provided free of charge, and after meeting with you, a professional estimate of services is emailed to your account for approval.  Estimates are good for 30 days.  

Do I need to be home for the service?
No.  Many homeowners like to be home to see the process for themselves, especially when they are first time customers.  We do not require you to be home, however a good contact number is needed incase we need to call you.  Payment is always due on the day of service unless set up beforehand.  If you do not plan on being home, please leave a check on the property.

How long will my service take?
This depends on many factors.  Most house washes take a few hours or less.  The more services or the greater the stains the longer it takes.  We can provide you with a estimated service time when you confirm your service.

Do you work in the rain?
Yes.  Rain is no problem in most cases.  We are able to do most house washes, concrete, and wood services in the rain.  We do not work if there is lightning or freezing temperatures.  We will call you if we need to reschedule.  We cannot clean roofs in the rain, as it creates a dangerous.  

What should I do to prepare for my cleaning?
Remove all personal belongings and delicate decorations from the areas that are going to be cleaned.  make sure all doors and windows are shut and secured.  If you wish, raise the screens on your windowns so we can remove dirt from your window sills.  If you have exterior outlets that are not waterproof, use your breaker box to shut off power during the cleaning.  If you are on a well, we ask that you hold off doing anything that uses water during the cleaning.  

Are your detergents safe?
Yes.  We have a very strong understanding about our detergents.  We carry official MSDS reports on all of our cleaners and make sure that they are diluted to a safe level before we leave.  As a precaution, we advise any customers with pets to keep them inside and away from puddles for a day or two after the cleaning.  After roof washing, plant and grass watering should be done on a daily basis for a few days.   

Will you price-match or beat other company's prices?
No.  We do not price-match.  There are several companies in the area that garentee the lowest price.  We do not do this.  We do not see these companies as our "compitition."  We do not supply the same service.  Master Stream provides a professional service with professional equipment and professional chemicals.  Companies that want to low-ball our prices are more than welcome to do so, however all to often we are called to repair sub-par work done by unprofessional contractors.

"The bitterness of poor service always outlasts the sweetness of a good deal."

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes.  We do accept credit cards and can take the numbers over the phone or on site.  There is a 3.5% proccesing fee for all credit cards.  We also accept cash or check payments.  All payments are due on the day of service unless otherwised discussed.  

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Frequently Asked Questions​